Moving to Sweden

Sweden offers one of the best living standards in the world. As a resident you will enjoy free education, subsidized healthcare, an extensive and smooth-running public transport system and access to the magnificent, unspoiled countryside just around the corner.

Imagine all the things you could explore by working only 40 hours a week. If you have children younger than eight years old, you also have the possibility to work even fewer hours. Equality between parents is an important issue in Sweden and we are really proud to have one of the best systems for parental benefits in the world.

Professional title and license to practice

In Sweden medical doctor and nurse are protected professional titles that may only be used by those holding a license to practice. If you have received your training in another EEA Member State you will need a formal recognition of your professional qualifications before you can start your contract in Sweden. You will also need to be motivated and
prepared to learn Swedish.