Riksteatern Gävleborg

(The National Theatre Gävleborg)

Riksteatern Gävleborg is the National Theatre’s organisation at regional level with the local National Theatre associations as members. Together with the local Riksteatern association, Riksteatern Gävleborg works with organisational development. The organisation supports the local Riksteatern association and works actively with theatre for children and young people.

The association coordinates theatre offerings for schools and offers performances at a subsidised price that bridges geographical differences in Gävleborg. Riksteatern Gävleborg considers proposals and requests from the county’s municipalities regarding the selection of performances for children and young people.

In order to support and maintain dialogue with the theatre associations, Riksteatern Gävleborg and Folkteatern Gävleborg run a repertoire council. Its purpose is to strengthen the inner workings of the theatre associations, to increase collaboration between the associations in the county and to develop a closer relationship between the Riksteatern associations and Folkteatern.

Since 2018, Riksteatern Gävleborg has also worked actively to prepare for an increased dissemination of public dance performances in the county, taking into account the municipal offering. This includes coordinating the local Riksteatern association, dance buses between the county’s municipalities and subsidising public dance events.