Arkiv Gävleborg

(Archive Gävleborg)

Arkiv Gävleborg is a non-profit association with approximately 600 member organisations. The archive has developed from people’s involvement in their own history, which is something that still permeates the organisation.

The archive receives and preserves historical documents for associations, companies, villages, farms and individuals. The archive has extensive collections of materials that tell about the history of popular movements and the growth of democracy.

The archive encourages the use of historical sources in various ways and to explore and re-examine historical events.

Archival education aims to give young people perspective on contemporary issues, the tools to understand and value historical sources, and to explore their own history. Activities aimed at member organisations and other groups aim to spread knowledge about the archive, arouse interest in researching historical documents and awareness of the importance of documenting today’s activities and preserving it for future generations.

Activities include the collection, reception, ordering and preservation of archives, as well as educational activities for schools, the presentation of history through lectures, study visits, publications and on the web, as well as visitor and research services and advice on archival issues.