World Heritage Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland

Kultur Gävleborg's assignment within the World Heritage Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland is to carry out strategic work related to communication, information and sustainable development in accordance with UNESCO's regulations. The purpose is to support the various people involved in the preservation and management of the farmhouses, as well as monitoring and engaging in national and international networks.

A regional coordinator/cultural developer specialising in the World Heritage Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland has been working at Kultur Gävleborg since September 2016 with a small team. Their responsibilities include working with the World Heritage Management Plan, communication and marketing, developing knowledge and researching for lectures and seminars, as well as promoting stories about the World Heritage site.

Culture actors with a regional assignment within cultural heritage and cultural environ­ment can take the development areas of the Regional Culture Plan into account by:

  • contributing to the creation of me­eting places between the county’s cultural heritage actors, organisers and the tourism industry
  • examining and re-examining current cultural heritage stories in collabora­tion with researchers and professional culture creators 
  • further developing the visibility of the national minorities’ cultural heritage 
  • cooperating with the county’s relevant stakeholders on joint ventures 
  • supporting initiatives that unite conservation and utilisation for the preservation of cultural heritage 
  • promoting the use of the cultural heritage of the county in the develop­ment of society as a source of know­ledge and experiences for all 
  • making cultural heritage and the cultural environment accessible to children and young people 
  • stimulating intercultural dialogue