Kultur Gävleborg’s assignment within handicraft aims to preserve the traditions of craftsmanship, contribute to the development of craftsmanship, and to strengthen craftsmanship and its relevance in the present. Work with handicraft involves initiating and coordinating efforts, primarily in collaboration with Gästrike-Hälsinge handicraft associations, local associations, county museums, study associations and craft entrepreneurs.

Part of the assignment involves safeguarding the ability of craftsmanship to create meeting places over linguistic and cultural boundaries. Activities in the field of handicraft also contribute to promoting handicraft from a sustainability perspective, by inspiring one’s own creation and innovation, and preserving and disseminating knowledge about different materials and techniques.

Cultural actors with a regional assignment in the field of arts and crafts can take the development areas of the Regional Culture Plan into account by:

  • creating meeting places for the county’s actors for sharing experience, skill-promotion efforts and collaboration
  • strengthening the conditions of pro¬fessional culture creators and create better conditions for their work
  • expanding collaboration between organisational development within art and handicraft, as well as actors working with art and craft collections in the county
  • working to develop and disseminate art and craftsmanship in new contexts and environments
  • identifying opportunities and conditions for putting arts and crafts in an international perspective through artistic exchanges and artistic residences in the county
  • improving opportunities for children and young people to be creative