Kultur Gävleborg’s assignment within film aims to contribute to a thriving film life throughout the county. The regional film advisers shall, through collaboration, coordination and granting, enable the county’s municipalities, cultural practitioners and civil society to start, run or carry out film culture promotion and film educational projects either themselves or in cooperation.

Kultur Gävleborg contributes to bringing film culture and filmmaking closer to the inhabitants of the county, for example by creating meeting places, arranging training courses and workshops, supporting and running pilot projects and producing certain educational material. In this way, Kultur Gävleborg supports activities within Skolbio (School cinema), film in the local culture schools, Skapande skola (Creative school) and intercultural film projects.

Kultur Gävleborg’s assignment within film should promote screening activities in the county through skill development, coordination and project support for the county’s cinemas and other film screeners. Working with the opportunities related to digitisation helps to create accessible, interactive and nearby meeting places for people.

Kultur Gävleborg’s assignment within film aims to strengthen the conditions for a creative and qualitative film production in Gävleborg through development and project support, supervision, financial or technical support, networks, meeting places and ongoing education. Special focus should be on young filmmakers and the development of talent.

Cultural actors with a regional assignment within film can take the development areas of the Regional Culture Plan into account by:

  • increasing opportunities for children and young people to experience and create moving images
  • creating meeting places for the county’s relevant actors to exchange experience and promoting compe­tence-enhancing efforts on personal development, continued education and accessibility to film education, film production and screening 
  • promoting screening and the dissemination of film and moving image in collaboration with the county’s relevant actors, including in digitisation and new forms of viewing 
  • supporting young filmmakers through talent development initiatives and taking into account the possibility of implementing interregional initiative