Cross media

Kultur Gävleborg’s unique work with cross media develops skills, methods and coordination in the county. Through development support, the organisation contributes to raising the level of knowledge about the possibilities of digitisation, cross media, transmedia and participatory culture. Method development is often about project leading pilot projects for children and young people with inclusion and diversity as targets.

Work to promote cross media primarily involves cultural professionals with permanent regional assignments and municipal activities to bring the cross media perspective into their regular activities. This involves participation, accessibility, inclusion and democratisation through, for example, game development, design or various forms of digitisation.

Cultural actors with a regional assignment within crossmedia can take the development areas of the Regional Culture Plan into account by:

  • creating meeting places for the county’s professional culture creators and technology developers for exchanging experience, skill-promotion efforts and collaboration
  • further developing knowledge within immersive experiences (VR/AR/MR)* among the county’s cultural actors to jointly explore new storytelling tools 
  • sharing examples of digitisation and the application of new technology among the county’s organisers and professional culture creators 
  • investigating and exploring video games as a cultural form 

* Immersive technology is a collective term for technology that creates a narrative by building an enclosing environment, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Realities (MR).