Regional libraries and reading-promoting activities

Regional library activities are covered by the Library Act (2013:801). Regional library activities develop skills, coordinate and provide development support to the public libraries in Gävleborg. The ambition is to give all residents equal access to literature, information and library services to support formal and informal learning through libraries.

The regional library activities conduct external monitoring and run projects, as well as work with method development.

Cultural actors with a regional assignment within regional library and reading-promoting activities can take the development areas of the Regional Culture Plan into account by:

  • developing the future regional library plan (2020-2021) in consultation with the county’s relevant actors
  • helping to further develop coope­ration within the HelGe libraries in collaboration with the county’s public libraries 
  • implementing competence-enhancing initiatives regarding public libraries as democratic, accessible and creative meeting places 
  • further developing language and reading-promotion projects for child­ren and young people 
  • being a competence and developme­nt node to increase the digital literacy of the county’s inhabitants through public libraries